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  1. flamingfire

    ‘Conan the Barbarian’ #1 review: A return to sword, sorcery, and the weird

    Why does this matter? Conan the Barbarian holds a special place in many comic book fans’ hearts. The character is a sort of promise of another time when magic was real but rare, hard work was paid with wine and gold, and the only thing that could slow down the strongest Cimmerian of them all...
  2. flamingfire

    The Boss is Revealed in ACTION COMICS #1006

    ACTION COMICS has been laying out a few mysteries since Brian Michael Bendis took over in issue #1001. So far, we’ve had the disappearance of Lois Lane, the identity of the Red Cloud, and leader of a new criminal organization. ACTION COMICS #1006 continues the expansion of readers’ knowledge, as...
  3. flamingfire


    “Heroes In Crisis” – Part Four Writer: Tom King Artist: Clay Mann Color Artist: Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles “He said, she said.” For the last four months Booster Gold and Harley Quinn have been at each other’s throats, each of them accusing the other for the deaths of Wally West, Roy...