an empty tank of bitterness

i don't love you I don't need you find your way dig a grave an die don't ask me to give it to you
your dead don't exist to me no more you out of my life gone a light that flickered and died
find your way out of the grave stay and decay
i was young and innocent clueless of how our love should of gone. I was wrong believing
you crying you dying you came to me in such pity
i didn't know should of know but oh you were homesick got in a fight with a close friend
oh you needed space so you left
i was clueless to this super emotional bitch I ran to you without hesistation open my arms
to give you comfort to help you in need but you need someone else more than me
in the next month i was the devastated bitch
you need a thousands excuses a thousand ways to hurt me to lie to me to betray me.
I don't love you I don't need you but i sure do feel the pain you brought onto me
of how your having someone elses baby.
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