cheating stories

Soldier returns home early to surprise wife
"I had actually come home a week earlier than I was supposed to from the Air Force (this was a good 15 years ago), and figured I'd surprise her since she'd always talk about how much she misses me, would always send me pictures of her in the mail and write these long letters talking about our future together. Naturally, I assumed she would be more than excited to see me walk in the door a week early. I pulled up to the house and figured she was home because her car was there, so I was as quiet as possible. Even parked my car down the street a little so she didn't see me pull up and ruin the surprise. I quietly put the key in the lock and slowly twisted... opened the door and the living room was dark. I thought maybe she got picked up by some friends and went out somewhere. Oh well, even better! I'll set up our room by going to get some flowers and making everything look all romantic and irresistible (hey it's been a few months, I was a bit pent up at that point). I start walking towards the bedroom, and I hear this rhythmic squeaking noise followed by a deep grunt. My instinct reaction was someone broke in and is trying to rip something off the wall, so I went into *ss kicking mode until a few seconds later I heard a high pitched moan of a female. Yeah... I recognized that sound pretty well, and knew what was happening. Being military, I knew the worst possible thing I could do was anything violent, so I wanted to f*ck up whatever 'moment' they were having. I walked towards the room very quietly while they went at it... of course they didn't hear me because they were far too 'deep' in their actions. Luckily the door was halfway open so I got down and started crawling towards the bed out of their line of sight, slithered over to the edge of the bed they were closest to and started slowly inching my head up the side until just my eyes were above the edge. It took her a good minute (she was on the bottom) before she looked over and saw angry eyes staring at her. She freaked out so bad that she kicked the dude in the face and he fell off the bed and hit his head on the wall, she screamed louder than I've heard anyone scream in my life and bounced off the bed in a flailing, sweaty mess and I heard her *ss hit the ground with a satisfying thud. I stood up and the guy was in a heap on the floor scared sh*tless at this dude in full military garb standing over him with crazy eyes. She finally realized who it was and started bawling her eyes out saying 'i'm so sorry! I was lonely!' blah blah blah... who cares. I started laughing hysterically and all I said was 'Well dude, she's your problem now. Hope you don't mind herpes'. Walked out and blocked her from my life. Only to go on and date someone else who made my life miserable for the next 12 years. I really know how to pick 'em."

Worst lunch break ever
"Some years ago, I was sharing a house with my girlfriend and another female roommate. I decided to go home for lunch, which was out of the ordinary for me. Got home, and could hear sex from the roommates room. Tiptoed back to the kitchen, fixed a sandwich, cut it in half, and my roommate walked in the front door. We look at each other and a sad, sad frown overtakes her face. Sandwich still in hand, I walk into the roommate's bedroom, and my girlfriend is straddling some guy. They are both frozen with fear. I throw the sandwich halves at my ex, both hitting her square in the face. She runs over and starts hitting me. The guy escapes through a window - he was wearing only a t-shirt. After about 10 minutes listening to her sob and blame everything on me, we hear sirens. Apparently, a man with no pants had pulled out into fast moving traffic and caused a huge accident."

Tribute to the troops?
"She was at a party for a guy we knew that was killed in Afghanistan (I couldn't make it because of work). I got out of work around midnight, and gave her a call to see how things were going. I can immediately tell that she's hammered, which wasn't a problem. She said she had just gotten home (she lived two doors down from where the party was) but then I heard a guy's voice in the background. 'Who is that?' I asked her before she promptly hung up. So, I called again, and a guy picks the up the phone, 'She doesn't want to talk to you, motherf*cker- so suck my d*ck!' Oh... so he wants to talk to me like that? I don't think so. So I rushed over to her house and walked in. I found them in her bed in the dark and flipped on the lights. She started crying and the guy stood up... it was the brother of the kid that just got killed. I need to add that, at the time, I was 19 years old and pretty scrappy. At this point in my life I had been boxing on and off for about three years, and all I wanted to do was utterly demolish this guy... but I didn't. I knew that this guy had just lost his brother and was going through a lot. The last thing he needs is me beating his a**. So here I am with a look of disbelief, and he turns to me and says, 'F*ck you, b*tch. Don't say a single word to me or I'll kill you.' Are. You. Kidding. Me. Needless to say, I snapped. I cracked him in the jaw with a quick jab, then grabbed him by the throat and squeezed. As he stood there... fighting for air, I pulled him close and whispered in his ear, 'Your brother was a great man, it should have been you that got killed over there and not him.' I then let him go and walked out. I never said a word to her again."
Guy breaks the other guy's arm; drives him to the hospital
"I walked in on her, got pissed, broke his arm in two places, and kicked her out. Then I drove him to the hospital. After they put a cast on him, we went back to my place, drank beer, and watched the game. To this day he's one of my best damn friends."

Vet gets a surprise after deployment
"Came home from deployment, ready to see my girl. Flight from Kyrgyzstan had been delayed, so my arrival time was a surprise. Been dating for 3 years. Walk in my home after taking note of the strange car in the driveway. As soon as I am up the stairs I can hear her moaning. For some reason my initial thought was 'Oh, she's masturbating'. I'm excited because I havent seen a woman in months. Walk in our bedroom and find some out of shape f*ckhead drilling my girl. She catches me out of the corner of her eye, we make eye contact, I sprint for my pistol I kept in the nightstand. He falls over himself right out of my bed, she screams. I scream "What the F*CK?!" and start waving my pistol in both of their faces. HE starts crying, she's screaming. I break down and start sobbing like a little b*tch. I'm barely getting out a constant repeat of "how could you do this" and "I f*cking loved you". She just keeps saying she's sorry, he's tucked in the corner hugging his knees. I can't control my heart. Worst pain I've ever felt. So of course, I turn the gun to my own head, and start crying "would this be better?" She begs me to calm down, I tell her to shut the f*ck up. The tears stop, I stop shaking. I tell her to get the f*ck out. They both dash out of my house and drive off with little next to sheets for clothing. I called up a friend and he came over and took me to the psych ward at the military hospital. This is 2 years ago. I still miss her, I still love her, and I just wish I had the balls to pull the trigger. Haven't been with anyone since. Yay life!"

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Man walks in on girlfriend cheating on him; cracks up
"Went to her apartment. Saw her f*cking some guy I'd never seen before. Before I can say anything, she says, 'It isn't what it looks like!' I cracked up - who the hell even says that when they're caught cheating? While I'm laughing, I manage to ask her what it is, if it's not what it looks like. After a little bit where she tries to come up with an excuse, I tell her we're through and walk out. Weirdest five minutes of that year."

Man walks in on his girlfriend with her ex-husband; collapses
"I broke. I literally felt something in me die. This was five years ago, and only in the last eight, nine months have I felt better about it. I walked into my apartment, and her and her ex-husband were in my bed. which was a huge 'f*ck you!' to me, because they both had their own places. So, I walk in, see them, grab him by the throat (I know, I know), drag him outside, and throw him into the parking lot. I'm a big dude, I'm 6'8", 220lbs. So I throw him into the parking lot, and she's yelling at me, 'PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM'... I just wanted him out of my house. I wasn't going to hurt or kill the guy. She's running around, picking up her things, his things, and shouting excuses at me. 'Oh, it was just a one time thing... We were bored and it was a mistake... We were drinking this morning, and this was stupid.' I just looked at her and said, 'Don't ever speak to me again. You f*cking disgust me.' Then I fell onto my couch and cried. he was standing there, watching me, and she tried to walk over and hug me, because now she was crying too. I pushed her away from me. I cried non-stop for the rest of the day. Fell into a deep, deep, depression, started doing painkillers, drinking, pretty much every drug I could get my hands on. It hurt so bad, mentally, that it was physically crippling. The hardest part wasn't even breaking up with her, it was not talking to her daughter, who was going to be my step daughter. We went everywhere together. I took her to preschool, we'd go to the mall every Friday and get ice cream, I'd buy her some toys or clothes, whatever struck my eye. I've since moved to a different state, got a good job, and got my life back together. I have an AMAZING girlfriend. She looks at me with love, and I look at her, and I see hope in her eyes. It took YEARS, but things finally actually turned around."
Woman asks friend to babysit to go cheat with her boyfriend
"My 'friend' asked me to babysit her baby cause she had some errands to run (baby was 11 months old). I have her kid with me all day, kid pukes all over her clothes, my friend had left me the key to her house in case I needed anything for the baby. So I go to the house, open the door, and find my friend riding my boyfriend. So basically, she had me watch her kid so she could f*ck my boyfriend. I would like to say I was the bigger person, but I put the baby in its crib and smacked the sh*t out of both of them and left."

Guy cuts off absolutely all contact
"I just left and cut all contact to her, her friends, and her family. Then, six months later, she came knocking on my door asking for me back. I opened the door, looked her in the eyes as she was crying, begging for a second chance. I didn't say anything, and just closed the door on her."

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Man offers to make pancakes
"Came home early from visiting a buddy so I could surprise my girlfriend, I was the one that got the surprise. Found her and a dude asleep in my bed. I calmly walked up to the side of the bed, gently woke her up, and asked if she wanted pancakes. She must not have realized what was going on, she said 'Hey baby, sure.' I said 'What about him? Does he like pancakes?' The look on her face was worth every second of the sh*t storm that kicked up after that."

Guy gets a little TV time in
"I walked in after a 10 hour shift at work. They were on the couch, she was under him. I walked into the kitchen grabbed a class of something to drink. Walked back into the living room. I told him to stay a bit because she would need help moving out. I told her to pack her sh*t. Then I sat down in my chair and turned on the TV. It took all of an hour for her to get her sh*t. The dude left immediately. She bawled her eyes out while sitting at my feet. Commercials came on, and I looked at her and asked 'What the hell are you still doing here?' I shut down. It was a strange feeling. For a moment in my life I just didn't care."
Woman returns from grocery trip to find boyfriend in bed with a co-worker
"I brought home groceries one evening after work, and found my boyfriend f*cking what I think was his coworker. I only ever met her once. Mind you, this is in my apartment, in MY bed - which just made everything that much worse (he still lived with his parents at the time). The entire scenario became extremely stupid after that. I dumped an entire gallon of milk all over them and chucked everything humanly possible within grabbing range. Looking back, it was kind of awesome clocking the chick in the head with a package of hot dogs, and no matter how soft bread is, it hurts when you throw a loaf of it squarely at someone's d*ck. They left half-naked, in the snow. I never returned their belongings they left behind. He's now married to her, so f*ck if I know what happened. I'm sure they can tell their kids 'We bonded over groceries.'"

College jock gets caught cheating by all three of his girlfriends
"I was in college, dating a football player at a school where football is king. I had never dated an athlete before, and of course I had heard warnings, but he just seemed so nice, he was cute, fun, and I was naive. One night I decided to stop by his dorm room as a surprise. I get there, and there is a girl in the hall crying, and banging on his door. I ask her what is up. She explains to me that SHE is his girlfriend, but he has locked himself in his dorm room with another woman, and she is devastated at catching him cheating like this. So in other words, in one moment, I found out my boyfriend had TWO other girlfriends at the same time! I was upset but really, I just had to laugh. OK life, you got me. Never again. It was a great learning experience."

Guy goes crazy and gets arrested
"Fought him. Broke sh*t. Walls. Door. Arrested. Six charges. Hefty lawyer bill. $20k later, so not worth it. Walk the f*ck away and move on with your life."

Woman grabs a handful of hair
"I showed up at a party and all of his friends were acting weird, and wouldn't tell me where my boyfriend was. When I tried to get in a room, they blocked my way. I knew he was in there. I got past his friends and opened the door. There was my boyfriend of four years, naked, with a naked chick on top of him. I grabbed her by her hair, yanked her off of him, and onto the floor. Then I picked her up by her hair, slammed her face into the wall and dragged her out to the party. I left her naked on the floor, calling her [names] because she knew he was my boyfriend. I went back to the room, yelled at him, and then left the party. On the way out, I ripped his side view mirror off and threw a rock at his windshield. I've since learned how to deal with my anger."

Father of cheated on girl brings a gun to the party
"Caught my boyfriend of four years cheating on me with my ex best friend. I walked in on them. I just stood there in shock. They just laid on the bed speechless. I turned around and walked out the door. I was almost to my car, and he came running out apologizing. I asked how long it had been happening. He paused for a minute and then said 'six months'. I just got in my car and went home to my dad's. The next day he came to my dad's house asking to get some stuff he had kept there. My dad walked out to greet him with a shotgun in hand and told him to get the f*ck off his property before he blew his knee cap off. Never saw him again. Although I did hear he got married, has five kids, and cheated on his wife. Now divorced. Karma. "
Man walks out on girl, gets pulled over by her brother
"Walked in with flowers for her birthday. She was f*cking some dude. I walked out, drove away, and never spoke to her again. That's how it should be done. I Got pulled over for speeding on the way home, but was let off after telling the police officer the situation. Turns out, it was her brother that pulled me over and he genuinely seemed embarrassed and made the comment that 'she always does this.'"

Man catches his wife cheating as he's throwing her a surprise birthday party
"I had a feeling she was cheating as she set off a lot of red flags. Constantly laughing and smiling when texting, saying it was just her mother when I asked. Needing to stay late every night after work. When I'd call in her co-workers said she left hours ago. When I asked her what was going on she'd laugh it off and say it was just something they did to each other at the office all the time. The last straw to where I knew something was definitely up was when she went out 'to get milk' at 11:30 at night and didn't come back till two in the morning. Now if there is any words of wisdom I can pass on to others in all my years of experience, it's if you think your significant other is cheating, hire a f*cking private investigator. They're damn good at what they do, and they will get some evidence that really helps in the divorce.

Fast track to her birthday, several months down the road. Now I know what you're thinking, why the hell did I wait months before I confronted her and did it really need to be on her birthday? The answer to the first question is I wanted as much evidence as possible to hand off to my lawyer as well as make arrangements to find a new place to live, etc. Answer to your second question is of course it had to be on her birthday. You see, after asking her what she wanted to do on her birthday this year she was rather insistent on me going out of town with my friends as she just had to work anyway and didn't want to be reminded she was aging. So I know something is up and after finding a bottle of champagne and two glasses hidden in my closest something in me snaps.
So I do what any sensible man would have done. I leave and go to my friends house pretending like I am going out of town. While there I call up her mother, father, sister and several of her friends. I tell them how I want to give her a big surprise by sneaking into her room with party streamers, kazoos and a big cake with candles. Sounds fun right?! Well boy was it. It's 8:30 in the morning and I have everyone met just outside our apartment. We all pile in the elevator (about eight of us in total), her mother holding the cake and me reminding everyone to be as quiet as they can be. I put my key in and unlock the door, we all sneak in and make our way down the hall towards the bedroom. Each hold a kazoo and Mom holding the cake grinning from ear to ear. Well as I throw open the door and we all yell surprise. But the surprise was on us and there was my wife, bent over in doggy style position with her lover staring at us wide eyed mid thrust. Mom drops the cake, sister screams, father begins to shout. I pretend like I'm horrified to which her friends try to push everyone out while yelling at her. Wife, excuse me, ex-wife is sobbing and screaming how could I while the lover is desperately trying to put his pants on while running out of the place. Needless to say, it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever given."

Woman comes home to find a threesome on her couch
"I had to go to class and take my last final so I asked my fiancé to come over to my house and watch my son for the few hours I'd be gone. Well when I got to class, the professor surprised us by not having an exam and letting us all go, so I went back home after only being gone a little less than an hour. When I walked in the front door, I saw my fiancé and TWO other girls f*cking on my freaking couch. It was a pull out couch/bed and they had pulled it into a bed and he was doggy style f*cking a girl on the bed while a naked other girl was standing beside them. Being a mom my first reaction was 'Where the f*ck is my son?' Then I heard him crying. They had locked him alone in his playroom. He was barely one year old, locked alone in his room, so these heathens could f*ck on MY couch in MY house. I picked up my son, and walked back in the living room where the girls were still naked just sitting on the couch like waiting for me to say something, I just looked at them and said 'please leave' and they started to get dressed. I walked back to my sons room and sat him in his crib then went into my room and grabbed my .38 out of my safe. I walked back in the living room and the girls were dressed. One saw my gun, screamed, and ran out of the house. My fiancé and the other girl just stood there silently. The gun was just for show, I told them to leave faster, and I think I scared them with how calm I was. The other girl left, but I could tell she was waiting on my fiancé too. Turns out he had left my kid ALONE AT HOME to go pick up these girls. They had no ride without him. That was the straw that broke the camels back. After he explained it to me that he had to drive them because he abandoned my baby to get them here I lost my sh*t. I hit him with the gun, not a sweet pistol whip like I would have preferred, but I was in shock, and then pushed him out of my house. I just blocked him 100% out of my life and wouldn't even return a single text. We eventually became friends because I realized I wasn't really ever that into the relationship anyway, and I only agreed to the marriage so my son would have a dad. Lame.