i knew her and i been with it her.

i told that bitch i've been spilling my guts out for her that would tear my nuts out for her
but her mouth hit the floor and than i took her behind the dumpster, she didn't stink she was really deep i felt i would sink inside but it felt really nice
but she give the highest pitch but guess she just wanted to quit she said eat me i said i have to leave that's your boyfriends thing
not that i'm that big but you know technique makes all girls scream but she had the same expression with ice cream
hell even drinking ice tea naked on the balcony, hell no the hotel swimming pool, but no one saw so it was cool
she acted shocked and shy but i knew she was just a slut so i went to her home the other i fucked in the grocery store at work
but you know i had one in the kitchen counter after work alone, gone with some many to the bathroom didn't need a date didn't need a sports
but you know that fucker he isn't going any far yeah i know he is a movie star and his girls are all actors hollywood future hot shots
they win emmy awards for leaving him empty
i think they are just new butt but but everyone wants the young cunts so they need more than luck
you don't need a money u don't need the lottery, you don't need to own a factory, you don't need luxury , you don't need to be a king
because all you need is lies, all your fake likes, say what sounds right to her to make her smile with your words
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