its all the same to you so much hate for what we couldn't relate

so if you ask me i'll say u couldn't last for for a week because your weak and i saw you leaking blood ur eyes told me everything all the dirty little lies
you seek but its not what I need no i'm not going to be worried but you had your ties to everyone else that lied with you each night
but it'll all end in a hurry everythings blurry everyone tells our sad story, the damn burst and i was drowning i'm not sorry it came to soon
does it hurt you, that u had to resort to stooping so low all of it was your motives done in secret when u were in the mood and they called you cute
i guess it was all a sad show but we can all grow yet our bones like ur hopes burned and broke nothing to behold just that it got worse u couldn't turn that key slot open you saw my love crush and be smashed by you dropping my heart stomping into bits
but who are going to blame so its a shame you were in pain
go chain someone else deal it with someone else let them feel sympathy over u because your not getting it from me I don't want you grief believe me, just leave me keep your cold bleeding black heart.

Repeat its all the same to you so much hate for what we couldn't relate but i guess that's our fate u were to fake and so i just repaid you revenge now pay penalty in agony u got your wish and i wish you goodbye no more tries. I don't want your venomous snake bite i'll pry you off me.
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