love that was but wasn't it, lost it.


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should I say i never leave your side i would expose my weak side
than you would find a way to humiliate me i feel infiltrated by the enemy you
my love thought you were chosen but it all cost me my peace and dignity

i told you we could live together forever than you left me, noooo, nnno
i felt we were one nothing could tear us yet shared heart apart from me
but like a bear you devoured me you couldn't spare me the agony
plowed me deep into a grave of darkness i sleep in bitterness
i must confess i learned to hate you and despise who you are
i blame you for every misfortune in my life you were a curse
i do believe i chose the worst person, go ahead die and lie down you deserve it, sip on poison
you told me you were unsure i believed you each day but the waves increased
so this how you repay to think i was winning within a blink everything changed
from mistrust to all empty and lonely my hopes burst into flames
i guess i was a embarassment to you and a mockery how many times did you laugh at me
she said i believe its time to leave, you don't see it but i feel it, she walked out didn't even talk
brought on the lose of confidence and insecurity
and this is all how it fell apart, should of noticed when it started i wish i never met her
she left and didn't look back she didn't think twice
not even a goodbye, no reason or why

you got out and left