what you know as dinosaurs is nothing more than fake fossils created by scientists and paleontologist scammers.

The dinosaurs became popular and became accepted by the public even world wide in the 1850's when so called complete dinosaur fossils were created by 3 paleontologists out of sand and cement and than dumped into skeletons molds of so called giant lizards they created out of their imagination using mammal skeletons primarily the rhino, hippo, elephant, giraffe, kangaroo, ostrich, and various other big game animals even lions and bear contrary to belief lizard, snakes or crocodile skeletons were not used a reason so many dinosaur skeletons do not resemble reptilian skeleton except the head of the animal.

So how did the idea of evolution start. Contrary to belief Darwin did not start the idea of evolution. Charles Darwin simply stole and borrowed ideas from other previous evolutionists like Jean Lamarck and Geoffroy Hilaire so he took credit for the theory of evolution when the dinosaur fossils became accepted as real in the U.S in the 1850's though it was Jean lamarck's idea of evolution. What is considered Darwin's theory of evolution was Jean Lamarck's theory of evolution who lived in france from August 1744 thru December 1829. Jean Lamarck wrote complete books and pamphlets on his idea of evolution though he failed to convince France and no one outside france would even know about his idea of evolution until the uprising of evolutionists in England in early 1800's thru naturalists in england.

The reason there was an uprising of evolutionists in England in early 1800's was because of naturalist in europe who would read Jean Lamarck's books and articles on evolution. naturalists were nothing more than people who would write poems and novels on the things they stared at while being in nature like taking walks or a field trip. These Naturalists were not scientists but novelists selling novels on nature. These naturalists started reading Jean Lamarck's writings and claimed that what they saw in a simple observation and simple observation meant to them simply staring at something in nature and coming up with assumptions . They did not want to even credit Jean Lamarck but instead wanted to they came up with the idea of evolution. The main person that would claim Jean Lamarck's idea of evolution as his own idea was Charles Darwin who would reword and steal Jean Lamarck's idea of evolution.
However only a few naturalists in england would believe in evolution and they would come up with their own version of Jean Lamarck's idea of evolution. They would argue among themselves and have disputes with each other over whose idea of evolution was better. It wouldn't be until the so called first discovery of Joseph liedy's complete dinosaur fossils and his persistence to keep on creating the dinosaur fossils persuading the public they were real by making up lies that the idea of evolution would get accepted in the england, U.S.A and worldwide.
So how do dinosaur fossils relate to an evolutionist uprising in england early 1800's.

When the idea of evolution was spreading like fire in the science community in england because of naturalists claiming in evolution and trying to call themselves scientists so during this time Gideon mantell would come up with idea of creating sandstone fossils to fool evolutionist and the english community that started believing in evolution. Gideon Mantell would claim his wife mary Anning found fossils of prehistoric lizards starting in 1809 . They were not complete animal or dinosaur fossils they were a shoulder bone and a tooth which is claimed to have been a sandstone fossil. He failed to convince England that he had actually found giant lizards and tried in vain. He would turn his house in to a museum to charge people to view the fossils he created but would commit suicide because of financial problems and his wife also leave him . Gideon mantell had been a failing dentist before he started claiming he found dinosaur fossils. Many scientist he argued against claimed the tooth he found was nothing more than a rhinos tooth and he was mocked by other evolutionists and geologists of that time.

After Gideon Mantell would create the first fossils starting in 1809 which he claimed his wife mary anning mantell had found. William Buckland would also start creating sandstone fossils and would create a full dinosaur fossil called the Megalosaurus in 1824. However William buckland motive wasn't financial gain but attacks against religion, against christianity which he hated esp. the catholic church. During this time the flood of Noah was accepted along with biblical accounts of the bible among scientist and the public. William Buckland would eventually stop creating fossils and writing articles of his so-called fossils findings after Buckland was ordained an Anglican priest in 1808, and in 1813 he was appointed professor of mineralogy at the University of Oxford; he served as dean of Westminster from 1845 until 1856.

William buckland was obsessed with supporting the evolution uprising in england. He wanted to convince English people that Noah's flood never occurred and during this time England was primarily a protestant christian nation that protested and opposed most of the catholic church's teaching. This is the reason the Anglican church ordained him as canon priest though he held anti religious view points. Protestant Anglican church wanted to accept evolution. William buckland went as far as to claim he had found lion, hyena, and elephant bones in a remote part of england in order to claim that Noah's flood didn't occur and a lot of english people were convinced by him. Though its unknown whether they were actual bone marrow he took out of animals from africa or if he created a sandstone fossil out of the bones of african animals.

RIchard owens would come up with the word dinosaur to label the so called giant lizard fossils that were found by gideon mantell and william buckland. Richard owens would oppose Charles darwins and write articles against the claims of Gideon Mantell, william buckland. Charles darwin hated Richard Owens and richard owens hated charles darwin. Richad owens, charles darwin, gideon mantell, and william buckland lived near each other in london where they had meetings with each other and other scientists and published articles on their claims or wrote articles opposing each others claims in the early 1800's. They knew each other very well.

Though Gideon Mantell and William buckland were the first to create giant lizard fossils. They would only convince a few evolutionist fanatics in england and their ideas of evolution would be unknown outside of england until 3 paleontologist would read their published articles and books on evolution and fake fossil discoveries.

So in 1858 Joseph Liedy hire W.P Foulke to pretend to find the Hadrosaurus dinosaur. He would than pretend to examine the dinosaur and call it a legit dinosaur fossil that had turned into sandstone over millions of years. By this so called finding the public in the U.S would automatically accept dinosaurs as real and because Joseph liedy claimed himself to be a paleontologist no one would question if the fossils were real or if bone marrow could actually turned into a sandstone fossil. Of course Joseph liedy would quote gideon mantell and william buckland and english evolutionists in order to make his points to the public though the public had barely even known this people. Than automatically a paleontologist would be considered a dinosaur expert though before 1850's they were considered only plant remain examiners.

Joseph Liedy seeing in his ability to easily fool the public he would allow his two friends to join in the hoax and scam and they two were O.C marsh and Edward cope. Joseph Liedy, O.C marsh, edward cope and charles sternberg would create most of the famous dinosaur fossil known today and they would claim to find them in certain places like Charles sternburg would later on become the 4th youngest member that would continue the scamming of creating more dinosaur fossils after the 3 died. Joseph Liedy, O.C marsh an Edward Cope were scientist that knew biology, zoology a reason the public put their trust in them and a reason they were clever enough to be able to create the dinosaur fossils using real mammal skeletons like the rhino, hippo, elephant, kangaroo, ostrich, horse, dog, lion, bear and other wild mammal skeletons. Most of the dinosaurs spine cord resemble hippo and a rhinos spine. Joseph liedy came up with the idea of pouring sand and cement into molds to create a dinosaur fossil out of sandstone in the U.S he would borrow this idea from Gideon mantell and WIlliam buckland.

Jospeh Liedy would convince the U.S government and be an advocate for Charles Darwin Claiming that the public had to accept charles darwins idea of evolution because dinosaurs fossils were found. This is the only reason Charles Darwin is claimed to come up with the idea of evolution though it was Jean Baptiste Lamarck's idea of evolution. Joseph liedy would even create the complete skeletons for the dinosaurs william buckland and gideon mantell failed to fully complete in order to claim he had found the complete fossils buckland and gideon failed to find and in order to try to claim both buckland and gideon had found real dinosaur fossils.

Joseph Liedy, O.C marsh, edward cope and charles sternberg would make millions in selling fossils they created and get millions from the U.S government to do fake diggings and fake dinosaur discoveries. They also setup museums where they charged people to view the fossils. The 4 paleontologist scam artists would die millionaires. Their children and workers would learn the secret of making dinosaur fossils out of sand and cement and it still continues in the modern times. liedy, marsh and cope would create and dump the fossils in the same locations Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming during the so called bone wars which they would fool the public into believing it was a dinosaur hunting war.
After the dinosaur fossils were created and other paleontologist scam artist started creating prehistoric animal fossils and created the -man and cave man fossils to fool the public. Some were for financial gain while other to attack religion.

Without the dinosaur fossils or prehistoric fossils evolution has nothing to validate it. But now that I've revealed on how the hoax started and how the dinosaur fossils can be created by mixing sand cement and than dumping it into a skeleton mold, dinosaurs are nothing but a hoax and a myth.

who were dealing with 2 scientists who claimed giant lizards had existed because they found a shoulder bone or jaw bone of animal. Those two so-called people were gideon mantell and richard Owens.

Without the dinosaur fossils or prehistoric fossils evolution has nothing to validate it. But now that I've revealed on how the hoax started and how the dinosaur fossils can be created by mixing sand cement and than dumping it into a skeleton mold, dinosaurs are nothing but a hoax and a myth.
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