How ironic that I’m reviewing this story on a day where everyone is showing their age pics on Facebook. You see Superboy has come home, only something has changed. He’s not the same young man who left three weeks, or is it three years ago? Grandpa had offered them all the comforts and conveniences of home. But there was something wrong about Grandpa!

The Creative Team:

Brian Michael Bendis continues his winning streak with the Man of Steel. He opens this issue with a neat little mystery about what happened to Superboy. Superman is baffled and Lois completely freaks out over what happened to their son. The mission at hand seemed cut and dry, the Dominators of the Dominion are the bad guys and must be dealt with. Bendis brings a special guest star that helps to liven up the proceedings as an entire planet worships the Kryptonian house of El. It’s a fun issue with a lighter tone that is welcome. Though the tone is light there are some serious goings on here too. All in all it’s an issue not to be missed. Great stuff includes Superboys response to being bullied by this issues guest star and Lois jumping into action (if you’ll forgive the pun.) as Superwoman.

Reis, Peterson and Fabok all contribute some excellent pages to this fine tale. When you have this many artists contributing different pages you risk inconsistent panels but all three work together to bring us a smooth execution. The Super family looks great in competent hands. Highlights include the alien landscape and the smooth flow of the battle scenes.

In Conclusion:

Chaos and confusion comes to the house of El. On the surface this looks like a simple enough mission to save an alien race from enslavement but the stakes are much higher than we could imagine. From the strange appearance of Superboy to the hidden objectives of the Dominators of the Dominion and Jor-El’s distant attitude. Superboy’s revelation at the end of this issue should have everyone concerned! To be continued. ****