She dropped kicked him naked on the bed.

so girl i stepped into your house it was quite and dark
i parked my car to surprise i was going to throw you on the bed naked
when i couldn't find you i thought i would light the candle and thought to buy roses
a moan and some thumbing i heard thought it was a robber by the closer i got
i heard you screaming i knew what was occurring so i rushed over to our room
he was hammering you from the top non stop
crawled down under your bed slowly lifted my head wanted to see your shocked face
surprise look at my evil eyes nice try bitch i caught you red handed
on my bed take your stinking ass to your place and leave never come back again
you screamed and dropped kick the fucker on the head his head smacked the wall he fell backwards onto the floor
it was fun for me do you want to hear how i enjoyed without remorse
her ass fell hard on the floor heard it drop so hard from the bed though i wished she were dead

she dropped kick him in the head screaming like the bitch that she was
she hit her has and he busted his head into a concussion sweet revenge