that's hooooow it goes and that she knows


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so i was looking for her i couldn't find her to dine with her but she didn't give one try to be with me anymore she was dealt the worst
though i liked her i loved screwing her over after using her back to the store and on the road from state to state on a weekend vacation she paid for it all
on the sea shore walking she would plan i would pretend we would have a laugh about our lives
that's hoooow it goes and how she floats down stream in my memory but i had to flee her because i fed her too much bullshit

we ate ice cream i had one big dream i shared it with her she agree that i could make it but i was always faking
but for fucks sakes i just didn't give one damn as long as i had her and she sat there smiling she was always up for the wild things
she didn't need me to provide her but once i bought her a nice iphone

her boyfriend would buy her things like a corvette i just drove it for a while but soon and later we got tired of
it so it was in a mercedez than lamborgini
i would buy lunch or dinner we would head out to the a bar far it cost so much but his credit card paid for it
she would lay naked telling me would would get married have children i really couldn't see it that way
but hey as long as you play the game nothing can change and she can only blame me no never

that's hooooow it goes and that she knows