the internet tools are fools.


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so whats up, i got to insult these fucken cunts
you got so many haters, big mouths, insulting people pretends friends of friends
and relatives your bitch she accepted me she got plans without you
over the weekend you don't know
emojis and their empty prayers how they feel for you
behind a screen its easy to say it but in reality they just walk away from it
pretend they don't see it or speaking hate against it
acting as if they had pity and sympathy accusing people
its all for amusement in their worthless pitiful life but you know if he says than he says its the hell with it
its all online its fine we can be hypocrites we are right
you got the tough ass the vindicator the big mouth spreading hate
the smart ass little dick hater baiting other into arguments because he lives in basement
it makes them feel good it makes gives them a thrill its their pill
but as soon as dirt is leaked the hate spilled than they go for the kill spreading false rumors
the nobles want to execute the victim of a charade and a scheme they are righteous
no one in innocent or repent they aren't giving one shit with their disturbing behavior and nasty
words its a witch hunts by some useless bitches accusing religions of starting wars yet they are the ones
doing salem witch trials encouraging others to lash out against whom they disagree with
no need for a court date just upload it and the news reports its.
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