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The Game is Afoot in The Immortal Hulk #17

Bruce Banner has infiltrated the Shadow Base. But with the base emitting, UV lights keeping the Hulk at bay it is up to Banner to survive. That will be a tough task with an “enhanced cyborg” special agent Burbank already putting a bullet in Banner and hunting him down. Things are not looking good and Banner could use some help, the Immortal Hulk maybe out of commission, but maybe another Hulk could fix the problem? Plus what does the Shadow Base plan to do with Rick Jones corpse? All in The Immortal Hulk #17! Writing The Immortal Hulk #17 (CA) Alex Ross (Marvel)The Immortal Hulk #17 (CA) Alex Ross (Marvel) It has been a hot minute since I reviewed an issue of the Immortal Hulk. I have been keeping up with it just haven’t reviewed it. This series has very subtly been a big hit for Marvel; recently The Immortal Hulk #16 ranked #4 selling title of all comic books last month. Al Ewing has been doing some incredible work with his intricate, horror-themed Hulk series. That continues in this issue. The Immortal Hulk #17 mainly centers around Bruce in the Shadow Base trying to survive the onslaught of the UV rays and Agent Burbank. While the main feeling of the story is more of a tense thriller, the horror elements bleed through in fantastic ways. The tense atmosphere Ewing paints with his words is delightful. We are narrated through Banners travel’s by an ominous voice in his head that directs the action. The issue flows nicely as well. It not only builds upon the current story but sets up new and interesting things to come. Ewing also does an excellent job of holding the reader’s attention and building up the anticipation for each turn of the page. Art Joe Bennett’s pencils along with Ruy José’s inks and Paul Mounts coloring bring that great horror atmosphere to life. The tone and feel of The Immortal Hulk #17 is greatly enhanced by the art. It has that EC horror type feel. The way the characters are detailed and presented upon the page. There is also some great body horror imagery throughout the issue. With disfigured faces and limbs transforming. I love the almost claustrophobic type feel to the issue. The way the panels are laid out and structured you get that tight, trapped feeling throughout as Banner runs through the halls of the base. Even with the brighter atmosphere with the “UV lights” shinning, the horror still flows magically through the pages. Conclusion The Immortal Hulk #17 is really just a creative team firing on all cylinders. The writing and art all match the tone and feel of the story being delivered. They each build upon one another in fantastic ways. Immediately from the opening pages, you get a sense of tense dread as we go through the story being told. Just wonderful storytelling being done! If you are not reading The Immortal Hulk I implore you to give it a chance. -


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