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Kodiak bear vs African lion
or the bear, relatively speaking, it's "What neck?". Here's another problem: Yes, Lions are known for killing or stunning prey with one blow. Here's the thing: So aren't bears! And bears do fight each other. As such, as an evolutionary pressure, I'd argue that they've developed the ability to resist said blows, while the Elan's resistance is not getting hit in the first place. You can see it in the skull and neck pictures - While a Kodiak might be smaller than the Elan, on average, it's skull is far more heavily built, and doesn't have a long neck to allow spine-snapping amounts of torque to be built up. Instead you have a relatively reinforced neck capable of taking far more punishment. Now, despite all this, I'm not saying that the bear will automatically be the winner. I'm just saying that the vast majority of the evidence presented isn't compelling.

Wed-06-18 20:47 - Posted by powerfrombeyond
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