New York Comic Con 2022: Interview with Creator Reilly Brown About Domestika - Comic Watch



At New York Comic Con 2022 I had the opportunity to speak with Comic artist and writer for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Line Webtoon Reilly Brown, known for bringing a sense of character and personality to the projects that he works on, balancing a combination of light-hearted humor, with fast-paced superhero action. His work includes various DEADPOOL titles, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN among others, as well as creator-owned comics like POWER PLAY and OUTRAGE,
Domestika is the fastest-growing creative community where creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. What started as an online forum and a small but dynamic cohort of creative professionals, designed to help them connect and learn from one other, has evolved into one of the largest online creative communities.,
With over 2,000 courses and a user base of more than 7M people worldwide, Domestika has made it accessible for anyone to tap into their creative potential.,
Inspired by their thriving community, Domestika widened its reach by producing online courses for anyone interested in unleashing their creative potential and connecting with like-minded creatives from around the world. With 1,200 teachers across 14 studios in Europe and the Americas, all Domestika content is curated and produced inhouse.,
At New York Comic Con 2022 I had the opportunity Reilly about his involvement with Domestika and his comic career:,
Chad lives in upstate NY and has been a life long comic book reader and collector. As a result of this, Chad has many issues, many of which are bagged, boarded, and sorted.


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