Some of San Diego's waves turned bright pink. Here's why. - CBS News



This research, Scripps said, will "provide a first-ever view" of how freshwater mixes with the more dense ocean water within waves. That information, they said, is crucial for understanding how sediments, pollutants, larvae and other materials disperse throughout shorelines. The pink plume in this study will be monitored with various instruments, from land, sea and air. ,
You've heard of the green room, but have you ever been barreled in the pink room? ???????? Last week's pink waves at Torrey Pines State Beach were a result of science in action.???? More on the experiment: FAQ: @erikjep,
Scripps coastal oceanographer and study leader Sarah Giddings called the research a "really unique experiment," as many previous studies on this subject matter have focused on large amounts of freshwater going into the ocean. They chose Los Peñasquitos Lagoon because it's a "prime example" of small plumes going into surf zones, she said in a news release.,
"We're bringing together a lot of different people with different expertise, such that I think it's going to have some really great results and impacts," she said. "We will combine results from this experiment within older field study and computer models that will allow us to make progress on understanding how these plumes spread." ,
Giddings' research takes a deep dive into how estuaries and the coastal ocean influence each other. Estuaries, NOAA explains, are "delicate ecosystems" that contain freshwater drained from land as well as salty seawater. They are also "one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth," NOAA says, as human activities have negatively impacted their overall health. Because these bodies of water filter out sediments and pollutants from water before flowing into the ocean, they are a vital component of health for marine life.,
According to the research project's website, Giddings and her team hypothesize that four things could potentially be happening to the freshwater as it interacts with the ocean waves: It gets trapped in the surf zone and/or escapes as a freshwater plume; it stays within a certain parameter of the coastline; it escapes the surf zone through rip currents; or finally, that waves mix the freshwater with the ocean water next to the shore. ,
Giddings' team is doing three dye releases, the first of which was on Jan. 20. Another release is planned sometime before the end of the month and another in early February. During a release, researchers put 15 gallons of the dye into the estuary as the tide level is falling. The researchers say the bright pink coloration is then visible to the naked eye for several hours, and small traces are able to be detected for about 24 hours. 
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