coronavirus revealed.

The coronavirus is not a deadly virus as WHO, the world health organization and China have led people to believe. China which is a communistic dictatorship actually leaked the coronavirus out of a lab in wuhan china than blamed a sea food market in wuhan china claiming it came from a first a armadillo called pangolin than Rhinolophus affinis bat known as the horse shoe bat found thru out china, india and southeast asia. Yet none of these animals ever caused a plague thru out history until china leaked the virus out of a wuhan lab but whether its a biological weapon is unknown but its confirmed it leaked out of a lab in china a reason WHO made up lies for china making exaggerated claims that the virus was extremely deadly convincing the medical community around the world that the coronavirus was this rare black death type plague with no cure or treatment. Their claims were that it was nothing compared to the influenza and that it wasn't a cold virus like the regular coronavirus. The coronavirus 2019 called Covid 19 is simple the alpha version of 2004 SARS and MERS. Alpha mean enhanced version so its it was a biological weapon of china but it certainly did not transfer straight out of amardillo pangolin or the horse shoe bat but was reengineered to infect humans and to be contagious because SARS 2004 proved it wasn't contagious as it failed to spread quickly.
WHO and the chinese government misled the world into believing that the virus was extremely deadly that barely any tests were done in order to prove how contagious and deadly the virus was because every scientist and medic became scared they would get infected and spread the virus. Though they did not realize the chinese had leaked the virus because they were not wearing proper equipment like a bio hazmat suit but rather some gloves, apron and a a simple which is why the first carrier of the coronavirus was infected whom went and infected other chinese civilians spreading the coronavirus. The chinese were not taking proper protocol and procedures on how to handle viruses and outbreaks because they are not advanced as europe or the USA in the biological or medical field.
The coronavirus managed to spread thru air borne droplets like the influenza but also most people were spreading it or getting it with saliva droplets on their smart phones in the age of smart phones where everyone is carrying and using it anywhere and everywhere. Though masks were worn in china, the chinese did not disinfect their cellphones but put the coronavirus infected phone up to their mouths where they got infected.
But sadly the Chinese medics and scientists because they are improperly trained they failed to realize that the coronavirus was just a cold virus like the influenza virus and that if they had treated the pneumonia instead of trying to kill the virus they would of saved the patients that died. Not that it would matter as the Communistic China is being ruled by Zi Jinping who had and has forcibly silenced chinese medics including detaining and killing any doctor or medic over leaking any information over the coronavirus since China had leaked virus out of a wuhan lab but tried to deny claiming that the virus spread out of wuhan seafood market near the biological warefare chinses lab in wuhan. a communistic dictator who gave himself unlimited presidential terms establishing himself dicator of china
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