The following video is extremely controversial viewer discretion advised. Its a topic that has been avoided being discussed and is the biggest hoax and lie in history revealed for the first time. It deals with dinosaurs. It deals with evolution and it deals with religion. It is trustworthy research done with all honesty in mind. None of the information in video is made up. Everything claimed in the video is verified using various articles, videos, researches, and documentaries. All the claims were deeply verified by comparing information using different articles and documentaries. I would gain nothing by making things up. The information provided in this video can be verified by anyone and tested by anyone. It is true and trust worthy and the information stands on its own. Its a clear explanation and should be clear to anyone. Its not meant to start arguments its made to educate and inform people.

The video will show how dinosaurs were created using mammals skeletons. Various modern mammal skeletons were used to create the fake dinosaur fossils but the primary ones were the kangaroo, giraffe, rhino and hippo. The 2 legged carnivore dinosaurs like the t rex and raptors skeleton was created out of the kangaroo skeleton with a green lizard skull added and hind legs added to the kangaroo skeleton. Giraffes skeleton were used for the long necks dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus with a snake head and neck added . For dinosaurs like the triceratops the rhinos skeleton was used and a horned lizards head added.
Starting off the video presented shows the dinosaurs would have trouble running because there were flaws in their skeletal creation by the scammers.
This is what the scientist community does not want you to know. This is what the paleotologist community, which are scammers that create fake dinosaur fossils, don't want you to know. Scientists having been deceiving the public for a long time. Most are hell bent on attacking religion especially christianity in trying to convince that God doesn't exist. All the science researches done to support evolution are fake researches done by ordinary people making up any excuses and claims to support evolution. All their claims are far fetched vague excuses that leave out any information that would prove their fake researches wrong.
Starting off the video presented shows the dinosaurs would have trouble running because there were flaws in their skeletal creation by the scammers. They would have a hard time lifting their legs with their legs ramming against their torso and belly. They would run extremely slow and trip over. They would wouldn't be able to twist their body to move.
Short time.
From 1774-1829 Jean Lamarck would come up with the Theory of Evolution and would publish books on Evolution in France.
The real person that came up with The Theory of Evolution was Jean Lamarck Though Charles Darwin is wrongly credited for coming with The Theory of evolution. Jean Lamarck of France would write books, articles and pamphlets on his idea of evolution full of his opinions of evolution from 1774 -1829. Of how one animal could of evolved into another animal. Jean Lamarck never proved that evolution occurred he only wrote materials on his opinions on evolution. He would fail in convincing the public in France on evolution and no one outside of france would even know about his idea of evolution until the early 1800's.

In the 1800's simple nature books writer in England would start reading the articles on evolution by Jean Lamarck who at that time around 70 yrs old. These nature book writers are today called naturalists. They were simply drunk unemployed men who tried to make a poor meager living by writing books on nature. They started to read books on evolution by Jean Lamarck and would become big fans of evolution so they would start calling themselves evolutionists simply because they were supporter of Jean Lamarcks theory of evolution though they were not scientists but simple book writers. They started writing books full of their own opinions of evolution based on Jean Lamarks publish works on evolution. Though they did not want to credit Jean Lamark but instead wanted to credit themselves. They claimed that what they saw in nature while they took small walks in the woods, lakes proved evolution occurred. Because they were publishing books on evolution they didn't want to be called nature book writers anymore but evolutionist and wanted to be regarded as scientists.
One such nature book writer was Charles Darwin who would steal all of Jean Lamarcks theory on evolution and claim it as his own by publishing his own book called the origin of species in 1859 on his opinion of evolution by plagiarizing most of Jean Lamarcks published work on evolution and by adding the idea of natural selection which he stole from Alfred Russel Wallace another nature book writer he met. Charles Darwin was not a scientist in any way. He was only a nature book writer who was drunk most of the time trying to sell books of evolution to make a meager living to feed himself. He tried to call himself a evolutionist and a scientist because he published books on evolution which were full of his opinions of evolution. Charles Darwin lived in England during from 1809-1882.
During this same time in England in the 1800's Gideon Mantell would create the first partial dinosaur fossils and William Buckland would create the first complete dinosaur the Megalosaurus in 1824. The megalosaurs was created out of sand and cement but gideon mantells partial giant lizard fossils were argued by his opponents to be a hippos or a rhinos tooth and shoulder bone he had gotten trying to fool the public. Buckland's Megalosaurs would be a four legged lizard the size of grizzly bear which would later on be modified by other scammers to be be a two legged dinosaur resembling the T rex with a Modern Green Lizard's Skull. Williiam buckland created the megalosaurus to attack christianity and the catholic church. He became a huge fan of Jean Lamarks idea of evolution like so many nature books writer in england during that time. He hated the idea of people in england claiming that all animals came from the flood of noah but instead wanted people to believe in evolution. Though he was anti religious and anti christian he would be ordained an Anglican canon priest by the protestant angelican church of england who rebelled and opposed the catholic church. The Angelican Protestant church of England wanted to support the idea of evolution. Both Gideon Mantell and William Buckland would fail to convince the majority of englands population and no one outside of europe would believe in there dinosaurs or evolution.
Nature books writers who were calling themselves evolutionist during this time in the 1800's in england would be quick to claim that the dinosaur fossils were real and that their fake discoveries proved that evolution occurred.
During this time in the 1800's In England Richard Owens would be a major opponent of Charles Darwin, Gideon Mantell and william buckland. Richard Owens would Coin the world Dinosaurs which would mean giant Lizards. Richard Owens was the person that created the word dinosaur. During the 1800's when Gideon mantell and William Buckland were creating the fossils they were just called unknown giant lizards.
Charles Darwin, Gideon Mantell, William Buckland, and richard owens knew each other very well that they often contradicted and opposed each other publishing books against each other. They lived in england in the 1800's during the evolutionist uprising in england by nature book writers who were fans of Jean Lamarks theory of evolution opposing religion. Charles Darwin was one out of thousands nature book writers publishing books on their own opinions of evolution based on Jean Lamarcks theory of evolution. But no one in England would be successful in convincing the majority of england or the world. That wouldn't happen until the first complete fake fossils of dinosaur would created in the U.S in the 1850's.
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in 1858 after books and articles published by the nature book writers who were calling themselves scientists and evolutionists in england during the evolutionist uprising in england and after reading about Gideon mantell and especially william bucklands megasaurus Joseph Liedy would come up with the clever scheme of creating his own fake dinosaur fossils out of wet cement and sand. Joseph Liedy figured out how William buckland that Megasaurus was just a mere sand and cement skeleton statue. He would work together with two of his close friends O.C Marsh and Edward Cope to create the fake fossils of the most famous modern day dinosaurs known today which include the tricertops, stegarus, brontasaurus etc.
In order to fool the public and the government Joseph liedy had to play the part of examiner who would validate the sandstone fossils as real and who would come up with an explanation of how bones turned into a sandstone fossil. Joseph Liedy was a zoologist , biologist, and paleotonlogist. However Paleontology was back than was the studying of plant remains and studying of modern day animals decomposing and bone marrows but it had nothing to do with the studying of giant lizards or prehistoric apes. O.C marsh and edward cope would take the credit of discovering the fake dinosaur fossils and joseph liedy would partake in being the examiner who approved the fossils. However the government would never realize it was Lie and a hoax scam done by the 3 in order to get government funding and in order to sell dinosaur fossils for millions to collectors and museums. Jospeh First dinosaur he created was the hadrosaurus which he hired W.P Foulke to pretend to find and he would pretend to examine it. After it was found and approved the Joseph Liedy the government would ignorantly accept Dinosaurs as real just because joseph liedy was paleotologist.
Because Joseph Liedy was a zoologist he would use mammal skeletons of rhinos, kangaroos, giraffes and various other animals for his dinosaur fossils. For the e dinosaur head he would use a green lizards or snakes head depending on the type of dinosaur he wanted to create. For carnivors he mainly added the modern day green lizards head. He would add a croc's tail for the tails of the dinosaurs. O.C Marsh and Edward cope would also help out in the design and creation of the dinosaur fossils.
O.C Marsh and Edward cope would create most of the popular dinosaurs skeletons during the bone wars discoveries. Where they managed to keep on fooling the government. They would eventually receive millions in government funding for there fake dinosaur diggings. They would start selling fossils to collectors and museums for millions turning dinosaur fossil selling into a multi million dollar industry. They would keep on creating dinosaur fossils and selling fossils to museums and until there deaths. They would create their own museums. However charles sternberg would join them in the scam and become the 4th youngest member who would keep on creating dinosaur fossils pretending to discover them after the 3 died into the 1900's. Sternberg's employees and family members like his two sons would learn the scam of creating the dinosaur fossils and would eventually start creating the prehistoric animals fossils and the cave men fossils.
Today most of the museums are owned by the modern day paleotologist scammers. Most museums are into scam.
Any Paleotologists that has discovered a dinosaur fossil and taken credit for it are nothing more than scammers creating dinosaur fossil out of sand and cement. Never has bone marrow been able to turn into a sandstone fossils. Never have scientist been able to do a live demostration of fozzilation. There are plenty of theories of how fossilzation occurs just like their are thousands of theories on evolution. Evolution is just only considered a theory by the scientist community. Its not one theory but thousand of theories made by anyone calling themselves an evolutionist. Anyone supporting evolution is an evolutionist. Just like back during the 1800's when nature book writers in England tried to call themselves evolutionists and scientist so it is with ordinary people claiming to be scientist who publish materials like books and articles on evolution. They are not scientists but simply people expressing their opinions on their ideas of evolution but they actually ever do any real researches but falsely claim they did. In any of their publish material information that would prove their fake researches wrong are left out. They come up with exaggerated lies to support evolution. Their lies are far fetched vague claims that are inconclusive and unable to be proven or demonstrated. The best excuse they have is length of time by claiming no one can witness evolution because it takes billions of years. Most evolutonist are not concerned about science but rather only interested in attacking christianity.
A theory in the science community is just a guess. A guess is a guess no matter how much thought goes into it. Theories start off as guesses. Theories occur anytime a student is doing a science experiment or when a detective is doing a simple guess in who is the guilty criminal. Theories occur daily in the modern world and they are called guesses.
Evolution relies on the Dinosaur and prehistoric fossils and without the fossils evolution has no so called evidence to back it up. Well now the hoax has been revealed for the first time. It eventually had to be revealed.
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