Each Race and ethnicity. Where we come from. There is no evolution.


This research will explore how the races of the world came to be. No DNA testing. No science theories, thousands and millions of theories, bullshit done by the unknown invisible science community but based on actual historical findings, historical records. So to make this short let me start off with each race. The photos will show which race produce what race.

This research is not meant to start a race war or hatered to people. Do realize everyone is human we are related to each other.

This will research will deal with and has to deal with also the bible and noahs 3 sons.
Before we begin on our journey so that people do not get confused the 2 ancient races where the all the other races came from will be mentioned and they are Semitics and Egyptian. The 3 oldest races are Semitics, Egyptians and Black Africans.

Semitic mislabeled as arabs today. Out of the Semtics would come the white race. The same thin facial features but with a more pale skin and extremely low melanin pigments that would produce blonde hair and green and blues eyes. The semetics and white race have all the facial features. The thin jaw, thin nose, beard, smooth hair and hairy body. The cold weather in Europe may have attributed the semitic race from being unable to produce melanin pigment thus making them blonde and extremely white though most semitics are white but only difference is the black hair and eyes.

Semitics exist thru out the entire middle east in iraq, iran, israel, syria, saudia arabia, afghanistan and egypt. They also exist in the nothern african countries of marocco, algeria, libya but most of the semitics in northern africa are mixed with black africans so in order to avoid confusion I'm didn't mention them first.

Out of the egyptians would come native americans of the new world and oriental asians after they were mixed with semitics in the asians countries after both races would migrate and settle in the newly found empty lands in asia. Egypt however would be invaded by Semitics and their white relatives like the roman empire and over time Egypt would become a semitic country itself. Egyptians were tan brown skin wide face, wide nose, thick lip race with straight hair. Many pharoahs both male and female were buried with curly hair wigs because they favored wearing curly hair wings over their straight hair. Most male egyptians shaved their head bald and did not have facial hair. Egyptians would eventually sail across to the new world land in the south and central american where they would begin building pyramids again and whorshipping the sun god like in egypt. The egyptians that ended up in the americans may have tired to try to make it back into the old world but could not.

amazon indian/ native american

chinese person

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first up the oriental which are people of Chinese descent. Oriental people of chinese descent are a mixer of middle eastern the Semitics and egyptian migrants that traveled across pakistan, india, arabian sea, indian ocean towards modern day oriental countries like china even indonesia though a few indonesia are african blacks who settle in countries like india/pakistan and australia. In the ancient world semitics and egyptians would travel and migrate to asia and even europe in search of new land or fleeing from invading ruthless countries in the middle east. Semitics and egyptians are the oldest races in the world.
Semitics are people are tan to white brunettes of the middle east called today arabs.
Semitics live and inhabit all the middle east like iran, iraq, syria, saudia arabia and modern day egypt

These are the descendents of the migrant egyptians that live in the southern asian countires that first migrated to oriental asia. These indigeous natives are now only found in indonesia south of vietnam, cambodia, thailand which are dark skin oriental of people of chinese appearance.

The race mixing of middle eastern semitics would produce a oriental light skin slanted eyes race. Since both semitic and egyptian had smooth dark hair the new oriental races of chinese relation would have a fine smooth dark hair.

the slanted eyes may be a gene borrowed from some semitics or a mixture of the semitic genes with the eyptians genes which produced the small slanted eyes. The small eyes in oriental like a chinese is borrowed from a semitic but the slanted eye lid may be from the eyptian.
Two semitic woman.

oriental people.
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White race came out of the semitic race. Semitic are now mislabeled arabs due to the muslim invasion of the middle east by saudi arabia muslim who are also semitic. But everyone in the modern world is mixed, doesn't matter if your white, black, asian, everyone is mixed. Whites and semitics are the similar race. The only difference is white europeans are blonde, have blue/green eyes and are more pale due to the lack of melanin their body produces. Blonde blue/green eyed europeans are a result of albino semitics where 2 albino semitics migrated to europe and started producing albino offspring. When 2 albinos of the same race reproduce they reproduce albino offspring. Please note these are english white not U.S white which most are mixed with native american.

The white blond blue eye europeans are nothing more than albino semitics. When 2 albinos have children all their children come out albino as well.

norway white

English white man. Roman empire invaded and rapped most of the females in england. Romans were closely related to semitics of the middle east and were mixed with egyptians especially since roman empire invade most all of europe and middle east and northern africa.

Iraq semitic. Same facial features. Small slim jaw, small slim nose, full facial hair. Straight to wavy hair. Some semitics have smooth to curly hair and some are olive skin to white but the facial features remain that of the white race. Blonde hair, green eyes/blue eyes is due to no melanin in body caused by cold and poor sun light in europe.

italian people below. Southern European have more melanin in their hair and eyes so they look more similar to middle eastern semitics. If i said they are more closely related to semitic middle easterns I would be lying since all europeans are descendents of semitics.

Please no hating or racism. The most mixed people are the most beautiful.

Semitic Jordan people

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European woman have same facial features as semitics of middle east.

Libyan semtic people


white european below

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so what happened to the egyptians of egypt. Egypt was invaded and semitics mixed with the egyptians that egypt has more semitic blood line than egyptian now. Of course egypt also had wars and moved around the middle east mixing with semitics in the middle east. But most egyptians are still of brown tan skin and some have the thick wide faces and thick lips. Egyptians had straight hair but most wore curly hair wigs. Curly hair wigs were discovered in the pharaohs tomb and other egyptian tombs.

but egyptians were basically the same race as the native americans.
South american amazon indian below.

The image belows show how the pharoahs looked like exactly. The egyptian statues are actual facial cement casting of eyptian pharoahs. Meaning that cement was poured over pharoahs face to create and imprint than cement was poured into the empty cast to produce actual image of pharoah. Egytians could not produce beards but wore headdresses that had bottom chin mask that resemble a beard.

These are the curly hair wigs that were buried and found with egyptians. Egyptians wore these curly wigs but they had straight hair. Their dead bodies had straight hair.

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Modern egypt has black mixed egytians as well who migrated to egypt. Most of these african egyptians are a mixture of semitic and egyptian.

Indian people of india are basically semitic and black african mixed people. Indians have a higher semitic bloodline. African migrants traveled to india and indonesia. Some african tribes are found in indonesia and the islands below indonesia down to australia. White scientists racially discriminated against the dark skin natives of australia calling them aboriginal meaning abnormal origin/abnormal humans though most people that inhabit australia are simply black and semitic mixture.

nothern india has indians of lighter complexion while southern indians are of dark complexion resembling aboriginals of malaysia, indionesia, papua new guinea and australia.

below them like
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After researching more in deeply especially after thinking about how semitic would lose is melanin pigment in its hair, eyes and skin the thought of albinos came to mind. Albinism exist in all races. When 2 albinos of the same race mix they reproduce albino children descendeants. Blonde blue/green eye europeans are nothing more than albino semitics. 2 albino semitics were able to migrate to europe near france and spain and started populating with albino children.

Lebanon semitic albinos. Lebanon is next to syria north of israel. Lebanon are relatives of syria. It would be impossible to pick an albino out of a semitic because they would literally be a white person.

syrian albino


Albino iraq. Only way they found out he was albino was because of his 2 black hair semitic dark skin parents.

albino iran girl

albino egyptian. In reality it would be hard to find a albino semitic because you would think its actually a white person.

Indian albino below

Brazilian albino with parent and siblings.

Albino Africans below

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