Excalibur #14 Review

Writer: Tini Howard
Art: Phil Noto, VC’s Ariana Maher, Tom Muller, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson, and Jesus Saíz
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 11th, 2020

Let me begin by simply saying “Wow!”. This issue was unexpected yet certain elements were predictable and ambitious. Readers, Tini Howard opens EXCALIBUR #14 with a fight between Betsy and Isca that ends with something this reviewer never saw coming. Truthfully, it had me chuckling out loud. I applaud Howard’s comedic creative twist to the games that left this reader thirsty for more and so excited for what’s to come.

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If I could backtrack to the ending of this issue, this X-MEN fan just left the issue a bit perplexed on multiple accounts. Why did the Betsy fight end so soon? We’ve been waiting for a fight and it ended so abruptly. Granted, the victory was no shock to this reader. Nevertheless, we are over 15 issues into this event with little action. Soon, people craving a good fight are going to revolt. Additionally, Cypher’s magical interlude was not only weird and shocking but interesting and absolutely charming. But… Why? Saturnyne is definitely up to something. The way Betsy’s battle ended and Cypher’s nuptials seem like a strategically placed plan being crafted by the grand white witch herself. But what is Saturnyne after if not the young Captain Avalon? Any thoughts X-fans?

Tom Muller even expands his distinctive zest to this issue by strategically adding some well-placed prose from the “Crooked Caller”. This extra dimension, along with Howard’s storytelling, reinforces even more substance to the issue and does something that other Marvel (and DC for that matter) events have failed to do recently: it makes them easier to follow, brings a sense of familiarity to something so vast, and adds insight without taking too much away from the narrative. Readers, this event, thanks to all the writers and artists involved, has done a tremendous job of explaining and integrating what could have been a rather difficult story to tell. However, this has been one of the easiest events to digest in quite some time while also being remarkably fun and enjoyable in the process. My only wish is that the fighting begins to pick up soon. Regardless, so far this week, all the titles involved with X OF SWORDS appear to be a hit for this reviewer.

X-MEN fans, if you like strong women, you’ll love this issue. If you love inventive twists chalked full of humorous delight, then Howard hits you a home run out of the park. Again, it takes a lot to make this reviewer laugh out loud, especially in a comic. Nonetheless, Cypher’s betrothal was a bit blindsiding and proposes an interesting dilemma for the future of this tournament. That said, these crossover issues are only for fans of X OF SWORDS. Sure, Betsy, Shogo, and Jubilee make an appearance from the main EXCALIBUR run, but ultimately this isn’t the focus of the issue. Thus, if you’re not into this event, you may want to skip this month’s installment. However, I highly recommend giving this a look. Just like MARAUDERS this week, Howard adds her own spice to jazz up the event in an extremely unique way. Give it a peek and let me know what you think.

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