Fantastic Four #6 Review

When it was announced that the Fantastic Four would be back after so many years away, I was pumped. However, it seemed as if the book came back before it was really ready to and Dan Slott was just writing to get the family back and to the wedding of Ben and Alicia. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, but it took a bit longer to get there than I was hoping. All that said, last month’s Wedding issue was great and it finally feels like the Fantastic Four is really back now. So, how was this issue? Let’s find out…

We open in Latvaria and one of the big reasons this book has the FF feel back was the cliffhanger from the last issue with Doctor Doom fighting Galactus! We get right to that here and while Doom doesn’t want any help, some is on the way.

Before the Fantastic Four arrive, though, we meet Zora, the gal from issue #1 who is now full-on kicking butt with the Power Cosmic! She ends up getting sent by Doom to stop the FF and I really like her.

Zora, going by the name “Victorious”, is a really fun character, but she is even more fun with Johnny getting her to talk. Dan Slott is writing a really great Human Torch and seeing him getting Victorious to spill the beans with a mix of flirting and annoyance was my favorite part of the issue.

After getting a peek at what’s happening with the rest of the family back in Arizona, Doom turns Galactus’ hunger into a need and the issue ends with me really worried about Victorious and Doom showing everyone that he’s a bunch of steps ahead of Reed and very proud of it.

I loved this issue. This is not just the Fantastic Four I’ve been waiting for, but the kind of issue I’ve been waiting to get since Fresh Start began. This book has just shot up my stack and I can’t wait for the next issue to get here. Seriously, I am giddy just reviewing it! Aaron Kuder and the entire art team add to the awesomeness and make everything look great, but also make it fun as well.

Final Thoughts:

I loved this issue and after the really good Wedding last month, the Fantastic Four is now one of my favorite Marvel books. If you’ve been waiting for the Fantastic Four to really return, I am glad to tell you they have.