gypsies migrated from morocco, algeria and libya not india which is illogical.

Gypsies migrated from north african semitic arab countries mainly morocco. The dark skin comes from arabs being mixed with black africans not indians from india. Morrocans dress similar to gypies and used to dress exactly like gypsies before the muslim religion invasion of the middle east by saudia arabia. Gsypies have curly hair indians have straight hair. It would be illogical to think that people out of india would travel to europe and ignore the fact that semitics arabs used to travel and migrate to europe constantly because north africa borders south of europe. Counntries like morrocco, algeria, libya and egypt are semitic countries of north africa and these semitics crossed the mediterranean sea daily Italians and greeks are semitics or we may say albino semitic mixed with original semitic.

update: After researching I found out that white scientists are ignorantly calling people of india gypsies as well though gypsies stand for dark skin people in europe. It kind of confused me because i kept seeing actual hindu indians when i was researching gypsies which caused me to get confused in the visual comparison.

The ancient europeans were correct in thinking these gypsies were egyptian because most immigrated from morocco, algeria, libya and even egypt. Various gypies live in spain, italy, roman and through out europe. They are called gypies due to their tan skin and clothing. Most idiotic scientist started claiming they were indians from india because of the clothes that they were which used to be worn in countries like morocco and thru out the semitic arab world before the muslim invasion by muslim i mean religious muslim semitics. Muslim is a religion not a race. Anyway the reason indians were similar clothes is because the semitic arabs would eventually migrate to india not that indians would migrate to europe or the middle east. The semitic arabs are ancient people.

Gypsies. Visual inspection reveal gyspies have curly hair like morrocan people/northern african semitics. Indians have straight hair.

Curly hair reveals gypies are of african and semitic descent not hindu indian.

morrocan people below. Some are a mix of semitic arabs with black african. Morrocans used to exact clothing styles like gypies but muslims tried to get rid of it replacing it with the long white ugly garmets and the ugly little muslim square hat. But some of the colorful color clothing still remain.

the muslim full veil hoodie face mask was added after muslim invasion. Muslim hoodie veal was worn by muslim cargo thieves to later be used by muslim assassins to attack people disguising themselves hiding their identity to prevent others from capturing them or hunting them down.

more nothern african semitic
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how algerian used to dress before muslim invasion. Most algerians still dress like this and were the head crown. These are mainly non muslim semitics in algeria. Who consider themselves berbers.

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