Mario lopez exercises his freedom of speech against gays, trans and lesbians. Gays want to persecute him.

Mario lopez exercises his freedom of religion and expression but gays and lesbians try to persecute him.
I thank Mario lopez for speaking up and speaking out against the immoral parents.
Mario lopes we live in the country of freedom of religion and expression. YOU DON'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Your exercising your right to expression and religion just like any gay or transvestite. Who are they to tell you what you can do or say. Jesus would agree with you.
Anyone taking action against him is beginning a religious persecution and breaking the U.S.A laws and can be sued.
Freedom of religion and expression will win in a court lawsuit.
In the U.S.A no one should be afraid to speak out against anyone? this is the core beliefs of the BILL OF RIGHTS that we have the freedom and liberty to express out beliefs, religions and opinions without political or religious persecution based on our beliefs.
Being gay or a transvestite does not grant anyone the ability to persecute anyone. Nor does it give anyone the right to fire, punish anyone as those employers can be sued for religious and political persecution.

Gays and lesbians that want to silence people are beginning a political and religious persecution.
Under the bill of rights everyone has the right to FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND FREEDOM ON EXPRESSION AND IF THEY DON'T LIKE THAT TOO BAD and its best suggested they move to some other country.

There is no such thing as transgender. Either you have a vagina or you have a penis.
The term woman means she has a vagina and the term man he has a penis. the bathroom sign it means if you have a penis enter in this bathroom and if you have a vagina enter into this bathroom so that if you have penis you don't pee every where on the toilet seat since woman have to sit to pee and to prevent the spread of diseases.

There isn't real any law that says woman get special rights and privileges. Most men voluntarily give women special treatment out of respect for women.
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