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The X-Men are at the end of their rope. If even one of the original five X-Men dies, our future is lost. Jean Grey and the X-Men only have one option left…and it may cost them everything.
With one more issue left and what feels like so much still to go, writer Ed Brisson amps things up with an issue that feels like a rollercoaster ride. Not only do we get tense of action, some aftermath from the previous issue, and a solid explanation of what’s going on, but we get some shocks too. Extermination #4is what happens when you just go full throttle and able to pack everything in.
The X-Men have had their butts handed to them and things look bleak (don’t they always?). Ahab is on the hunt and we now know the “why” of it all. It makes sense, it involves time travel so it’s clear, and the solution is pretty obvious. There’s even some winks and nods making fun of tropes. We also learn more about the younger Cable who in one issue I went from hating to loving.
Brisson just nails the issue as part of an event and he’s nailed the event as a whole.
Pepe Larraz and Ario Anindito provide the art with Dexter Vines on ink, Erick Arciniega on color, and Joe Sabino on lettering. The art is fantastic. There’s some spreads that I lingered on getting all of the details. The art team are able to pack in lots of information on top of Brisson’s story making what’s said in a few bubbles so much more. Then there’s the action, which is fantastic as always. And the characters all look great too. There isn’t a feel too much is packed in so detail is dropped.
Awesome to read, beautiful to look at, Extermination has exceeded expectations for an event and brought back the awesome to the X-Men. This issue will have folks dissecting what’s revealed for some time and I’m sure this is an issue that’ll be referenced for years to come in various ways. One more issue to go in what is the best X event in years.