she dying for you your dying for her

you want it he wants why not go for it commit it no need for commitment no one is committing a felony
you want it so badly he desires so badly, so get naked and be shameless it not fate its just what we crave
don't blame forget games take it and be brave about it so come on lets play take off your panties
he see thru you she sees thru you, you are together in bed its almost 10 she still bends
you like her he likes her she wants more so show her how far you can go, its not love its just rough thrusting
pain that makes her feel so much better than lunch that dinner isn't what she came.
kiss her before you miss her before she disrespects you and leaves you
grab her from behind tell her your mine and show her why
she really into you but can you prove that you deserve her just show her domination that she can skip desert pull her pants down
slap her ass undress that bitch no need to impress her show either she wants it or she can forget it
she isn't leaving because she desires you between her legs 24/7 its heaven to her but she doesn't want you to know
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two birds one dead one falling one calling one hawk stalking one eagle snatching one hatchling
i need a break i need a vacation from all these nonsense i need you to fall off a cliff and die
i'm not even tired but you bring the fire like the blazing sun so high in the sky yet its so wide
i'm so full of energy but you drain it all with your bullshit falling from above full down below
my wings were clipped my beak broke when i pecked you, now your falling so hard below but can't spread your wings
you forgot how to fly? why? you got them tied. your not blind
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Кто то может помочь ??
Не могу написать в топик.
Прошу подсказать, как ответить в существующую тему?
Может я делаю что то не так?
Прошу подсказать.
Есть кто из модераторов, нужна ваша помощь в изменении моего пароля?
Может я делаю что то не так?
Прошу подсказать.
С уважением.
Здравствуйте дамы и господа!
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Вот несколько полезных статей:
1) Имбирь с лимоном и медом рецепт здоровья
2) Восковая моль применение
3) Перга для иммунитета
4) Настойка прополиса при простуде
5) Перга пчелиная противопоказания
6) Трутнёвый гомогенат применение дозировка
7) Можно ли поправиться от меда
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Однако большинство ответов раскрыты в наших статьях, в которых мы отвечаем на Ваши вопросы.
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