Steroids revealed for first time.

Okay after having discussions online and watching some youtube videos on bodybuilding and steroids. I noticed a lot of people are confused about steroids and their effects.

Mostly every athlete in every major sports organization or franchise is on steroids. From the NFL which is a reason so many fat out of shape man run so fast, BASKETBALL which is way so many jump so high and dunk hoops, Baseball which is the reason why homeruns are hit out of the ballpark, TENNIS, UFC, WWE AND MOST SPECULATED sports industry the Olympics. Before getting out of high school and by the time most athletes get to college they know they have to start using steroids to even get a footstep into a major league. To out perform the other athletes/players they have to use steroids which can give them super strength, super agility and super endurance and this translates that steroids will be able to make them jump higher and further-agility, prevent them from getting tired like running more miles than an average person- endurance, able to lift, push and shove objects or humans with ease-strength ,They know that most successful athletes are on steroids a reason their were successful in their career.

So how do steroids work?
Steroids increase you blood cells to 4-10 times the size. If steroids are combined correctly they can increase your blood cell size up to 20 times or more. There are various types of steroids, thousands, which produce different effects and can be mixed and combined to produced desired effects but most increase blood cell size up to 10 times which thickens the blood. The blood thickens inside the muscles which cause the muscle to bloat like a over inflated balloon which cause abnormal muscle appearance. I can say growth because the muscles do not grow but they bloat similar to like filling a balloon with water. Once the user stops using steroids the muscle shrinks back to average size like a disinflated balloon.

In natural bodybuilding the muscle tear which increase muscle fibers inside the muscle. Each time a bodybuilder or weight lifter lifts weight the muscles tear and the muscles fibers increase. The muscles are made out of fibers similar to how beef is. Which is a reason protein is need in order to help the muscles heal and increase in size but with steroids the blood inside the muscle thickens which swells and bloats the muscles from inside.
Pic of Steroid user. Abnormal muscle bloating. Thick veins because of thick blood.

A reason you see so many bodybuilders and athletes with protruding thick veins is because steroids thickened their blood by increasing the blood cell size. As long as that person is using steroids the steroids will cause the blood cells to increase. Just like any other drug the effects are not permanent. As long as the drug which in this case is steroids is present the blood cells can remain large but once the steroids leave the body the blood cells shrink back to average size shrinking the atheletes muscles. A athlete has to keep on injecting steroids to remain the same size and its only with a combination and dosage increase that the bodybuilder/athelete is able to increase their size. Similarily if an athlete wants to keep the super strength, agility and endurance they most keep on injecting steroids.

Within a week a bodybuilder can shrink to average size if they stop injecting steroids. So someone like a bodybuilder has to constantly keep on taking/injecting steroids to remain the same size. If done for long peroids of time this will cause cancerous tumors and lead to death and cause other health problems. Most athletes only use it during competition or during game season. Most Major leagues like the NFL, BASEBALL, Tennis, BASKETBALL do not do steroids testing. The only organization that does random steroids testing is the UFC while the olympics does scheduled steroids testing which allows the athletes to know when steroids testing are done in order not to use steroids and give them time to flush out any evidence of steroids in the body. The WWE encourages their stunt devil athletes to use steroids. Vince Mcmahon is steroid user himself. The WWE and Professional bodybuilder promoters like the MR. Olympia, MR. Universe encourage steroid usage because its built on SHOWOFF large unnatural muscles produced by steroids.

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