West Coast Avengers #3 review:


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fter BRODOK realized none of the Avengers trust him, he’s back with giant Tigra and a whole team of giant monster ladies. Can the WCA stop him? Is it good?
Johnny and Kate get a rude awakening when Tiagra reappears, still giant and now even angrier. Worse, BRODOK is also there with four more giant ladies — ladies who happen to be his former patients, that he has turned into giant human/hybrid monsters as an homage to classic monster movies. You know, like you do.

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As the team splits up to fight, Gwen reveals to Quentin that although she is Gwenpool, she doesn’t currently have any superpowers at all, making her vunerable and Quentin suddenly realizes he has actual feelings.
Meanwhile, Kate breaks back into AIM headquarters, not realizing that BRODOK has followed her there. Will Kate survive BRODOK’s sneak attack?
Is It Good?
Yes. Absolutely yes. This book is so consistently good and entertaining and having fun playing with the dichotomy of the ridiculousness of superhero tropes while putting real emotions into the story. Each issue we get a little deeper into these characters, and more importantly, their relationships with each other.
My one nitpick is that so far, America hasn’t been featured or had much to do. She’s usually paired up with groups in the three issues so far, and I’d really love to see her one on one, especially with Kate since they are best friends. But giving her character some room to breathe would definitely be a high point and hopefully one that’s coming.

I’m also more and more in love with Stefano Caselli’s art each month. He has a knack of giving each panel lots of detail without overwhelming your eye or distracting from the main action. He also makes each character look amazing — not traditionally attractive, which would be boring, but truly interesting to look at.
But what strikes me most of all is how he never sexualizes any of the women, even in situations where he easily could. For example:

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Another artist might have been tempted to add some underboob or butt cheeks, but Caselli keeps it as an action shot. Even the giant women, which were designed to titillate in the B movies BRODOK based them on, look strong, badass, and scary. Triona Farrell’s bold, graphic colors continue to enhance every panel.
I am enjoying the heck out of every issue of this book. The creative team is knocking it out of the park, and I hope this book has a long run.