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So far, X-Men: Black has been pretty hit or miss. While it’s nice seeing some of our favorite mutants get the spotlight, most of the issues have lacked in any noteworthy substance. While this doesn’t change with X-Men: Black: Juggernaut #1, there is still a good read here.

Robbie Thompson writes this chapter, which focuses on Juggernaut finding his strength again. The issue has a fun opening, with the titular “hero” facing off against the classic X-Men in the mansion. The introduction is pretty fun, with quite a few shoutouts to the way these comics used to be. Eventually, the Juggernaut realizes that something isn’t right, and has an internal battle for the rest of the issue, as he tries to prove his strength.

The story is pretty typical, but overall executed well. The inner monologues are well done, as Thompson writes a pretty good Juggernaut. It leads to a pretty relatable character, who realizes that his biggest, most unmovable obstacle might be himself. All of this culminates to a satisfying conclusion.

Shawn Crystal’s art mostly suits the tone of the book, especially the beginning. The bold, blocky style suits the throwback well. While this works in some scenes, some of the characters don’t look quite as natural as they should be when in motion. This is especially noticeable during action-packed splash pages. Still, Juggernaut himself looks strong, and runs through the panels with the might we expect from the character.

The Degeneration story is interesting, as we continue to watch an unpowered Apocalypse get by. This wasn’t my favorite chapter, but it is well written with fine pacing so far.

While X-Men Black: Juggernaut wasn’t my favorite entry, I still liked it more than Mystique and Magneto. As always, this is a great place for people who are interested in getting into the many great X-Men characters.