Youtube censoring and banning uploaders over political videos. New youtube policy

Each year youtube keeps on making more strict policies against its video uploaders called contributors which are random people who upload videos to youtube. Not only has youtube this month of july added its most strict policy against video uploaders but it has taken a stab at video commentors.
Its new policy is banning any video uploader who is adding political videos with political messages against political officials like donald trump. With the new election coming up youtube executives have decided to censor youtube by banning videos against donald trump. Youtube uploaders are getting no warning but an immediate ban on their account.
Its seems youtube executives have begun to censor youtube where youtube is no longer a user friendly membership website to upload videos.
Many people feared youtube would be censored by big brother, the government and the day has finally come. Youtube is no longer a website to upload videos with the freedom on speech or the freedom of expression.
Who is to blame?
Youtube top executives who could be getting bribed by the government or just left wing and right wing fantics looking to censor videos on youtube.


So since of Month of July 2019 any video uploaded to youtube against any political party or official is being takedown with the user being banned from the account. I already tested this by adding videos against various officials and youtube employees simply went and banned all the accounts and the videos. The videos were simple harmless videos without any vulgar language or threat of violence. In all the accounts i got no warning but instead was automatically logged out than went i tried to login i was asked to provide phone number to later on be given the message that my account was banned.
Most anti political videos against political parties or officials have been taken down with a large spam of movie previews being displayed on youtube with youtube intent to take on netflix and cable. Though i asked myself why would i pay 15.00 dollars to watch an old 30 yr old movie of robocop when i can join a real movie website and watch all the movies i want to for 30 dollars a month.
Youtube officials are also looking to censor comments replies on the videos by banning user threatening to ban users who comment.
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