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Black Widow #5 Review

Battered, bruised and betrayed, Black Widow emerges from the wreckage of the explosion meant to kill her determined to stop Tech Ed from tying up loose ends and killing the only other witnesses to his sadistic business, the children. c9109b6a590b693ba6e0a7cbdf4db0d5._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ Natasha races against time to reach the children, who have been utilizing Tyger’s establishment after Widow freed them. She reaches them in time and Tyger discovers that the person who was working with them left a nasty surprise for the children. Nat decides it’s time to tie up some loose ends of her own and that’s going to require the Black Widow to track down Tech Ed and pay him a visit. The man himself is living it up on a yacht off the coast and even though he managed to escape with his life and a small fortune, he’s still on edge. His men prove to be no match for it. The money he has isn’t enough to stop it and none of his pleading is going to stop the Black Widow from getting justice. This is a brilliant, taut, action-packed conclusion to this series from the Soska sisters. The issue employs the pacing of an action thriller and succeeds in giving the story a sense of immediacy and tension. Natasha’s strength and resolve are showcased throughout and the dialogue is amazing. The scene where Widow confronts Ed and his explanation is one of my favorites and a perfect setup for Widow to showcase her steely resolve. What’s even better is that the reader gets to see multiple sides of the character throughout the issue including moments of heartfelt compassion. I would be curious to see where the Soska’s took the character next if given the opportunity. Flaviano’s art is intense and beautiful. It’s filled with energy and the way the panel are composed gives a sense of speed and movement throughout the issue.