REVIEW: ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest,’ Issue #3

REVIEW: ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest,’ Issue #3

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BatmanSuperman World’s Finest #3 - But Why Tho

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is published byDC Comics, written by Mark Waid, art by Dan Mora, colours by Tamra Bonvillain, and letters by Aditya Bidikar. After the Doom Patrol saved Superman’s life, he and Batman have been tasked with taking down the Devil Nezha. But Nezha has unleashed villains all over the world against various heroes. The first who needs help is Billy Batson, attacked by Felix Faust.

The story of this series continues to be incredible. Each issue brings multiple parts of a story to it, making every chapter feel full of content. The first part is continuing the battle between Faust and Batson, wrapping up that fight with an intense showdown. Then the story shifts again to the other partnerships in the book—Robin and Supergirl and the Doom Patrol. They are on their own missions that act as subplots to stopping Nezha. Batman and Superman then have to contend with another duo of threats in Central City, where more of their allies are in danger. And that isn’t even all that is available in this issue. 

Waid delivers all of this in a way that ensures that every scene is rewarding a not rushed, yet the pace is still pleasant. Every setting and location comes with a new set of threats and matchups, all of them thrilling. There is a real sense of adventure and unpredictability in this book. The final pages flip the series on its head yet again and were a huge surprise.


Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 may have more characters within it than most event comics do. There are a host of heroes that Batman and superman encounter on their quest to stop Nezha. It is important to remember that this is set in the past. These heroes know each other, but there is still the suggestion of recency in their interactions. It should be said that many of these heroes don’t actually speak, and if they do it isn’t with the protagonists. They aren’t just mere cameo, as they are vulnerable targets that often need rescuing, but the speed that the heroes move means they aren’t in the comic for long. Facing them are a modicum of brilliant villains, adding variety. In addition, the chemistry between Clark and Bruce is beautiful, their friendship shining so brightly in this comic. Supergirl and Robin may be the partnership to beat, however, as they are hilarious and brilliant together.

The art is sensational and is pivotal to adding fun to this series. Mora adapts to all of the new locations and scenarios superbly. Whether it be a vision of hell, an ancient temple, or Central City, the places have their own feel and are rife with detail. Every single character involved looks awesome. Many of them look younger than they are now, reminding us of the time period this story takes place. Each battle has something very different in its look, due to the revolving cast. Powers have changed and the scenery has altered. Every panel is full of intricate details, which adds substance to the world.

The colours are permanently rich and varied yet never clash among the cavalcade of other tones in the issue. Even in the gigantic panels where so much is happening, the details are exact. The lettering is bold and easy to read and the font matches the art style of the comic.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is a huge issue with a wealth of content inside. I was not expecting this comic to be so epic in its scale and in regards to the characters that are called upon. The team-ups seem fresh and energised, helped by the jump back in time. The creators are all magnificent at what they do and that is on display within this adventurous series. And each issue can change the course of the whole comic multiple times, so who knows where the next chapter takes us.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is available where comics are sold.

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