1. Sweet, sweet karma: "I was with a girlfriend for five years and was making plans to propose to her. Then one day, she said she wanted to take a break to figure things out. That was about four years ago. She got married about two years after her "break" to a coworker who I later found out she had been cheating on me with the whole time we were together. I was devastated at the time, but now I think it was all for the best. Also, it's a small world, because her husband is cheating on her with someone I know. Thanks karma!" –Pepe, 30 2. The phone fiend: "I was with a boyfriend for seven years and he started spending a lot of time with his 'best friends from childhood' whom I had never met or heard of before. One day I was waking up and asked to see his phone to check the time. He handed it to me and it opened into WhatsApp, where I discovered he had been sending naked photos of himself to all his 'childhood friends.' When he realized he had handed me his unlocked phone, he pounced on me like a tiger, took his phone back, and broke it with his bare hands. He bent it back and forth and twisted it until it snapped, but I had already seen everything." – 3. When two wrongs make a right: "A month into a relationship, I cheated on my boyfriend with an ex. He found out and when I was away on a trip, he arranged to confront my ex so they could 'beat the crap out of each other.' They instead ended up becoming best friends." –Lalo, 27 4. The Twitterleaks: "I had a boyfriend who was particularly jealous and controlling. He even told me that he was really bothered when I went out with my friends. He would always criticize the 'atmosphere' and how men are only looking for sex. Everyone but him. In the final days of our relationship, someone posted a bunch of pictures and videos of him cheating on me on Twitter. That was when I realized that all his preaching was only to hide that he had no loyalty nor willingness to commit, and he was a hypocrite, doing exactly what he condemned."

5. The "very close friend": "Around two years ago, an ex-boyfriend had a very close friend and they'd known each other since kindergarten. They were like brothers. That boyfriend and I had just moved in together. One day, I caught them in our brand new room, naked... the rest is pretty obvious. More than making me angry, it made me laugh, because both of their families would poke fun at their sexuality when they were together. I ended up leaving the apartment. I think they still live there and they're about to get married. ¯\_(?)_/¯" –Ximena, 24 6. The obsessed ex: "Asshole told the other girl that I was his ex-girlfriend and that I was obsessed with him. He told me that she was just a really intrusive friend. It's been half a year since we broke up, and now he's the obsessed ex-boyfriend." –Natalia, 20

7. Four's a crowd: "I started dating my coach at the gym. We were together for around 8 years, and I was so 'in love' that I didn't want to realize that he wasn't just dating me (because yes, I always knew that I wasn't the only one) until one time during a trip in which, while he was taking a shower, I took a look at his phone and, surprise, found out I wasn't just one more girl; there were four of us. I obviously didn't want to accept it, until I mustered up the strength and left him ... I recently learned that, out of the four of us, two are still dating him.' –Biri, 29 8. The nerve of this one: "When I was in college, I was in a seven month relationship... seven of which were filled with every possible form of infidelity. After breaking up with him, one of my best friends confessed to me that every time they went out partying, they would compete to see who kissed more women that night. When they did, he had to ask my ex-boyfriend to stop, because not only did he beat everyone, he would also get super intense and cheeky with the girls, to the point in which it became embarrassing and degrading. After each party, he would come back to my place and sleep with me like a little angel." –Yuri, 24

9. A rough year: "I married a man who was 26 years older than me. We'd been living together for four years and we decided to get married, but he was already seeing another woman. I found out a week after getting married, and then after I dumped him, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to face the Mexico City earthquakes. This last year hasn't been nice at all." –Sofía, 31 10. The girl he said not to worry about: "This one time, a girl was hitting on my boyfriend, but she was a friend of a friend and he would tell me 'Don't worry, nothing's going to happen. She's cool.' She later became my friend, and we spoke all the time. About a month or so later, I learned that my boyfriend and her would have sex at his place during holidays, hahahaha. We broke up and they got into the most toxic relationship ever. Thank you!" –Brenda, 23 11. Projection much? "I went to France on vacation with my best friend. Three days in, my boyfriend started texting me saying that I was probably cheating on him with every European guy I met. He would ask what I was doing the entire time and all he would do was accuse me of cheating on him, when I was actually really busy sightseeing. One day I got sick of it and said to him: 'You're nagging me so much about this that it's probably you who's cheating on me.' That's when he confessed that it was actually him who had gone out with another girl during my trip because he felt so lonely and that it had just been some girl he'd met and that he hadn't seen her again. Afterwards he let it slip that he was going to delete her from all social networks and Whatsapp. That's when I realized they were still in touch. We broke up and, a week later, he started dating that girl." —D, 24