This week Detective Comics #997 comes out and brings us closer to the 2nd milestone event in DC Comics history. This series will be the 2nd series to reach issue #1000 and what better writer to lead the way to this achievement. Since Peter J. Tomasi has taken over on Detective Comics, it’s been one hell of a ride. As I read this issue, I kept thinking to myself ‘THIS is what Batman is supposed to be!’ Not to throw any shade at the other writer currently writing for the Caped Crusader, but this is what Batman is supposed to be. I’ve loved everything about Tomasi’s run so far and it just keeps getting better. This issue puts Batman and Thaddeus Brown in a pretty tight spot, having them both bound up while water continues to rise over their heads. If being deprived of oxygen wasn’t enough, they must also deal with the threat of sharks and piranhas. Really simple story telling but the art team and Tomasi really found a way to make this thrilling. Having Batman’s inner monologue laying out the details of this amazing escape really kicked it up and made it a blast to read.