Spelling the long vowel sound /?/: ee, ea , e-e, y Sometimes you need to add another letter to spell the long /?/ sound. For example: ee as in greenea as in beache-e as in athletey as in happyUse ee in the middle and sometimes on the end. Some examples:The next most common spelling is ea. Some examples:A few words have e-e. Most of these have more than one syllable. Some examples:Use y on the end. Note: this is not a strong /?/ sound. It can sometimes sound like a short /?/.beech* speech screech need* reed* seed weed bleed cheek leek* week* feel heel* peel* reel* steel* seem* been* screen queen deep weep cheep* creep sheep beer deer* peer* steer meet* sweet* street breeze freeze squeeze between thirteen fourteen etc. bee* free three agree coffee degree committee ...and many moreeach peach reach teach lead read* leaf leave beak leak* peak* weak* squeak deal heal real* squeal cream dream stream team* bean* clean jeans* cheap* ear hear* fear spear year feat* cheat wheat east feast least please tease crease grease breathe leave pea sea* flea reason season ...and many morehere* these theme gene* breve cede accede concede precede concrete compete complete delete obsolete adhere severe sincere interfere persevere Chinese Japanese Portuguese etc.angry army baby berry body carry cherry copy curry duty empty every family glory hungry lady marry memory party penalty sorry twenty thirty etc. very Note: -y on the end can also be a suffix e.g. dust + y, sleep + y. More on this in the next