The following images show bodybuilders on steroids. The bloated balloon muscles which is called shredded/chiseled/ripped with protruding thick veins indicated they are surely using steroids. These images display the muscle anatomy of an average person below the skin. There are not bloated muscles popping out from each other. Muscle is composed of muscle fiber and increase in size when muscles fibers tear during weight lifting or exercise or hard work by using parts of the body to do manual labor.

This is how a natural weight lifter/bodybuilder should look. The muscles don't not bloat up like a balloon but are composed of soft tissue fibers that rip and tear when stressed is added to them like weight lifting. Muscles tissue fibers tear and increase when someone weight lifts but unlike with steroids the muscles do not bloat up because of the increase of the blood cell size inside the muscle. Real muscle is permanent for up to a year whereas a steroid users muscles will shrink back within a month/ weeks after users stops taking steroids. This is how a steroid user looks like with thickened blood bloating up the muscles from inside the muscles similar to how a water bloats up a balloon. Steroids thicken the blood increasing the blood cell size from 4 times to 20 times the size thus bloating the muscles up. When steroid users take too much steroids they end up popping and bursting their muscles causing severe injury requiring surgery. There muscles pop because of the inability for the muscle to contain the blood.