If you want dirt on the company than you don't have to go far, you just have the ask the employees who know every dirty secret of a company like walmamrt. The following are qoutes from former employees of walmart. This place takes your soul chews it up and spits out a husk of your former self. I highly discourage anyone from working here. That's why they put all the new people upfront to interact with people because they know the ones that have been there a while no longer have a filter.

Most unappreciative place to work! Horrible Attitude! Rampant Favortism! Customer is Never right! Cannot trust or rely on managers or fellow coworkers! DRAMA CENTRAL DAILY!!!

Very rude and play favoritism and racists. Don't resolve issues try to hide them. When complaint wasn't resolved and told to wait 3 months to see changes

Walmart only looks out for Walmart. I have seen many people get fired due to illness or injury outside of work. They expect the impossible from all employees and take no logical reasoning as to why their impossible task wasnt achieved.

It was the worst company i ever worked for i mean i liked my job it was just the back stabbing management an store boss that was wat made it a bad experience to work there

As an example to my summary even if you came in on time and got right to work. If my coworker didn't show up for work or was late it was my job to try and pick up the slack with no help. I was threatened on a daily basis that I would be written up if I didn't get the job done fast and more effective when doing a two man job by my self without the right equipment to do said job.

Walmart only cares about how much money they make, not about their employees. There is also a serious lack of training for new hires. They use computer based learning which is vague and doesn't really teach you much of what you need to know in order to do your assigned job, it's more of an overview of company practices and policies. After you finish they throw you to the lions and expect you to be able to do any job with little or no instruction. Your job description is never clearly defined. Co-workers are often rude and intimidating to new employees. Whenever you ask a question the response is often vague or sarcastic which doesn't really help the situation. They cut your hours without notice. Some weeks you don't get any hours. The best part of the job is when you get to go home for the day. The worst part is when you have to come back. Pros None to speak of. Cons Complete lack of communication between co-workers and managment

There is no work life balance. Your life is Walmart. It is a popularity contest if upper management doesn't like you you will be out! The harder you work the less the recognize you so don't bother to give any more than you have to.

I feel bad for the people who work at Walmart, after 13 years with Walmart I have seen it all! Treat there older employees like trash! Terrible company to work for! I can’t even shop there! Poor employees company should be a shamed of them selves..

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