Writer: Christos Gage / Artist: Carlo Barberi and Todd Nauck / Marvel Comics Two Spider-teams, a whole lot of different personalities. Three issue into Spider-Geddon and the spiders go on the offensive. Have you ever had those co-workers who just so damn difficult to deal with despite trying to get the same shit done? Well, that’s the best way to explain the dynamic between Team Otto and Team Miles. Two groups basically arguing about doing the same damn thing. The hate is real. However, Miles’ team needs to get it together. While good-natured at heart, you can see that they are the less organized side of the Spiders. The kid is doing his best to play the role of leader but it’s not as easy as it seems. The events of this issue are going to make it hard for the others to follow him instead of Otto. While Miles’ team features some pretty great new recruits – I have a certain fondness for Spider-Ben and Petey- it’s Team Otto that stands out this issue. Otto has obviously recruited some of the more hardened Spider-men and women who are willing to get the job done as far as ending the Inheritors once and for all. However, in doing so, he has recruited a bunch of wild cards. <*>Spider-man 11580, whose description you’ll have to read to believe. It’s gross, it’s fantastic, and probably one of the best sentences I have ever read. <*>Ben Reilly, aka the original Scarlet Spider. <*>Spider-Nor-man, a six-armed Norman Osborn from a universe where he became Spider-man instead of Peter. No matter what universe it is, there is always a 90 percent chance that it’s Norman Osborn will be an evil, psychopathic megalomaniac. If you’ve read Edge of Spider-Geddon #4, then you know that the same is the case for this one and he’s sure to cause some trouble down the line. With another fun issue of Spider-Geddon in the books, we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out down the line.