Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Joe Bennet / Marvel Comics The Immortal Hulk does it again. Just when thought the jade green giant couldn’t get any more terrifying, Al Ewing is able to prove you wrong. Ewing is really making this version of the Hulk his own. This entire series, the writer has been meticulously crafting the Immortal Hulk personality and powers to create a horror monster of his design and I’ll be damn if it doesn’t work so well. It’s terrifying to see what the Hulk is now capable of now. It used to be just his strength that people had to fear. I mean, who wouldn’t be afraid of a 10-foot tall green behemoth who can smash cars like paper mache and lift mountains over his head? But now Ewing has created a Hulk that can come back from anything, even being cut into a couple dozen pieces. This is where the last issue left us off and for a moment I actually thought the Hulk/Banner was in trouble. Stupid me. Despite being captured by a black ops government agency after his battle with Avengers, never once does the Hulk appear to be in danger. Even when he is being tested, dissected, and toyed with, Ewing makes a point to always remind the reader who the monster is in this situation.