Ray: Coming off the spectacular mini-event heads back to its roots by exploring one of the great obscure magic-based series in the DCU’s history, Corrina: I wonder if Tynion has a list of cool but obscure characters at home that he pulled out when he received this book. If so, he’s determined to put all of them into this series and, fun for the reader, he’s taken all kinds of detailed notes of their origins that enhance their characterization. Detective Chimp, especially, is fascinating in this issue because he’s not human and therefore he doesn’t trust humans. That makes the role of hero ill-fitting for Bobo. He doesn’t have full rights in regular society because he’s seen as an animal, and he’s more of a loner and outsider than even, say, Constantine, who is human, or Swamp Thing, who’s connected to the Green. All that plays into Bobo’s reluctance to rejoin Justice League Dark. Of course, Bobo’s mistakes in Myrra may have something to do with it as well. Oopsie.
We’ve raved about the art team in this series, especially when depicting horrible, gross things from nightmares, but Ray’s right, the switch to the new art team is hardly noticeable, as the high quality continues. Sadness permeates the pages detailing the funeral and the images of the bar practically smell of whiskey and beer.