ACTION COMICS has been laying out a few mysteries since Mr. Kent Goes to City Hall in ACTION COMICS #1006 ACTION COMICS #1006 opens with Clark Kent. As Superman, he convinced Melody Moore to tell Kent about the Mayor’s attempt to end her arson investigation. During a public event, Clark tries to intercept the Mayor and question him about his insinuation that Moore should stop investigating the arsons. The Mayor responds by attacking Clark, using the Superman vs. Red Cloud: Round 2 ACTION COMICS #1006 moves on to Melody Moore, who is seen leaving work. Melody is ambushed by Red Cloud, who attempts to murder the firefighter. Superman intervenes but fails to capture Red Cloud. Melody wants him to suck her into space, but Superman refuses to kill her. Kal-El tries to appeal to Red Cloud, reminding her that many have stood where she has, and none of them have ever defeated the Kryptonian. The second encounter ends with Red Cloud leaving, and Superman consoling a distraught Melody.